The great ADG Titanium Fly Rod

A result of 20 years of research and development, ADG Titanium Fly Rods boast Titan™Technology, which converts potential energy into kinetic energy. The titanium wires that wrap around the graphite core amplify the amount of energy you put into casting, making your casts much smoother, effortless, and enjoyable. The Titanium wires also allow for an unprecedented amount of flexibility and forgiveness when battling tougher fish. The rod can bend 180 degrees without breaking.


The technology in ADG rods also allows for greater sensitivity when battling for a fish.

You get to experience more of the fight.

Take your new ADG rod to either saltwater or freshwater. This product was designed to battle in both terrains. 


The best part about these rods is that you don't need extensive experience to use them effectively!
Just cast and the rod will teach you the rest.

Read more about this great rod here:


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